MUYAYO RIF’s musical career stretches for more 10 years, and they are familiar with urban rhythms such as punk, ska, reggae, La;n or rock. In 2007 their project underwent a profound transforma;on, professionalizing their style, finding their own voice and a dis;nc;ve live performance. The implica;on of Gambeat (La Ventura, Radio Bemba, Mano Negra) brought great and posi;ve doses of energy to the project; both throuygh the produc;on of their two albums (Construmón, 2010, Kasba Music; and P’alante!, 2011, Kasba Music). It was reflected their powerful live performance, which emphasized on the energy, the party, and the social implica;on – all coming from a fes;ve and op;mis;c approach.

That led to wining the Fes;mad Taste in 2009. Barely a year aXer the release of their last album, MUYAYO RIF came back to the scene with their third album (Maldita Comedia, 2013, Kasba Music). It demonstrated that their expressive needs were mul;plied, enriched by the previous years’ touring. It consolidated the band within the na;onal scene (Aupa Lumbreiras 2014, Viña Rock 2015 and 2016). AXer three years of silence... In 2017 they presented their fourth album, “ALL IN”. With this last album, the band from Cornellà has maintained its energy and groove, while redefining themselves with new sounds, experimen;ng with different styles such as electroswing, balkan or disco.

MUYATO RIF is considered one of the most interna;onal bands at the moment. Proof of it is their constant performances in countries such as France, Belgium, Holand, UK, Russia or Switzerland, where they play on stage in halls, as well as mass fes;vals (WOMAD 2013 in Pya;grosk, Russia;WOMAD 2014 in the UK; Festyland 2015 in Holland, WOMAD 2016 in Fuerteventura).



Voice / Alex Medina (Patxi)
Sax / Luis Carrizo
Guitar / Carles Gutiérrez
Drums / Iñaki Rodríguez
Keyboards / Lucas Peire
Bass / Javier Zurita
Trumpet / Andrés Tosti
Trombone / Edgar Gomez